Who we are

The most trusted finishing partner, in everything you see

Cefla Finishing has been operating globally in the surface enhancement sector for more than half a century. With more than 300 machine types in our portfolio, our expertise is extensive and encompasses all application technologies.

Why do so many companies choose us?


We are a sizeable company

Ours is a historical industrial company. We are the result of 60 years of experience in the field of industrial surface finishing equipment. Many people, many skills, unlimited experience. Thanks to our technological assets, we can offer you innovation, excellent quality and unrivalled service.

With Cefla Finishing locations all over the world we ensure global coverage. So you can talk to the Cefla Finishing experts closest to you and in your own language.

We design and manufacture machinery for painting, coating and digital printing on all kinds of surfaces. Ceramic, wood, plastic, metal, glass and inert materials: we are innovators in each of these specific fields. We benefit from having a bigger picture.

Our history goes back a long way and points to the future

Siamo una grande azienda

60 Years of

We implement a winning method

In 2016, we acquired a company specialising in the design and manufacture of multi-pass and single-pass industrial digital printers.

We merged our consolidated experience in the field of ceramics with Cefla Finishing technology.

Like the market, our solutions are constantly evolving

Cefla Lab

Beyond the limits of technology

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We have tested a successful method:

  • Point Icon We identify our customers' needs
  • Point Icon We intercept market trends
  • Point Icon We understand the forces at play
  • Point Icon We use our technological assets to develop innovative solutions

Together with our ink and lacquer partners, we have developed completely new processes and solutions for digital printing on ceramics. We have also modernised established processes. New methodologies improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of our processes.

We provide turnkey solutions

We design the entire process for you and provide complete solutions


In the field of ceramic decoration, we have made the most of our technological heritage. Experience, our skills and a vocation for innovation are put at the disposal of our customers' ultimate objectives.

What does this mean? For each customer, we study the complete process based on the desired result and productivity requirements. We then provide the entire chain we have designed and ongoing advice, for each processing step.
We are the only ones to provide the entire process. A path we tread together. The user company, the technology supplier and the paint manufacturer work together to reach the final goal and reap all the benefits.

at your side

With us you choose sustainability and modernity

Green processes, reduced production costs and eyes on the future

Impatto Ambientale

Our research and development work is aimed at reducing the environmental impact of processing. Cefla Finishing technologies enable a more efficient use of energy resources. They generate considerable cost reductions and avoid machine downtimes. 


All our solutions are designed and engineered to improve performance. The many patents that accompany our machines are proof of our constant research. We have also developed new techniques, such as paint recovery, which improves machine efficiency and reduces colour waste.


The ultimate goal is to provide processes that ensure maximum quality, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

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