Drying systems

Efficiency, performance and space tailored to your needs.

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Ovens with UV lamps

Drying is an essential part of the finishing process. It is performed in industrial ovens developed according to the type of lacquer or ink selected. UV lamp ovens are used in low-temperature and solid-colour processing using UV varnishes.

Excimer ovens

The Exydry excimer matting oven is used in low-temperature processing when deep matt finishes are desired. It makes use of patented technologies to achieve ultra-resistant surfaces with a soft-touch effect.


Tailor-made drying

By adjusting the drying parameters, we can achieve different results. To configure the drying system, we at Cefla Finishing start from the customer's needs. How much space is available? What results do you want to achieve and how much can you afford in terms of costs? Together, we find the right balance between performance and efficiency.

Compactness of the solution

We minimise complexity and clutter. All elements of the process are condensed into one compact machine that can be easily integrated into any finishing line.

High-performance matt

The market trend demands matt, durable surfaces that retain their beauty. Thanks to excimer matting technology, we can achieve deep matt finishes, down to 5 gloss on a 0 - 100 scale. Scratch-resistant surfaces, impervious to wear and fingerprints.


Discover Cefla Finishing's curing solutions.


UV curing system.


Integrates all elements of the process in a single module: conveyor, UV housing and control cabinet.


Excimer matting technology.


Enables wear-resistant and modern finishes: deep matt and soft touch.

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