High Temperature

Open the door to luxury.
Quality, precious colours and custom-made workmanship finally affordable.


High-temperature digital printing rises to new horizons. Customisation invades the boundaries of the traditional 'third firing' process.

Tailor-made luxury

The Cefla Finishing high-temperature process combines the high definition of the image with the expressive power of colours. It allows the end-user to experience a previously inaccessible luxury: that of custom-made.


Expressiveness of colour

A sparkle is reflected in the eyes. It is colour, brilliant and precious.
We have optimised a traditional process to achieve excellent colour rendering. High-temperature digital printing makes use of 8 brilliant vitrifiable colours. To these are added three precious inks: gold, platinum and lustro. The surface finish is glossy and enhances the brightness of the pigments.

Great flexibility

Customised processing - just-in-time - on-demand
With the high-temperature process, you can meet an increasingly diverse and changing demand. Combine the need for customisation with the handling of all batch types. Always achieve a consistent product of the highest quality, whether it is a single custom-made process or mass production.

Few steps, maximum output

Performance that exceeds your expectations.
There are many factors that make the high-temperature digital printing process extremely productive. Digital printing solutions are engineered to ensure consistent and efficient operation, thanks to proprietary software and patented technologies. Furthermore, industrial high-temperature printing does not require the application of primers.


Not just interior design

Gives personality to environments of all kinds.

The applications of this process are as endless as the ideas that human minds can conceive.

Use high-temperature digital printing to decorate any vertical ceramic surface, for exteriors and interiors. Sizes range from mosaics to large slabs.

Process steps

Only two process steps

The high-temperature digital printing process uses vitrifiable inks. Two process steps are required to obtain the finished product. Cefla Finishing provides solutions for digital printing with multi-pass machines. This first step can make use of different technologies and solutions, depending on requirements.

Digital Printing

J-Print MP


Digital Printing

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High-temperature kiln firing

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