Those working in the field of ceramic surface decoration must satisfy an increasingly demanding market.

We are in the age of customisation. Of luxury yet affordable products. Of just-in-time deliveries. The ceramic decorator must account for the sustainability of his work. The market demands extreme versatility, variety in the range of colours and finishes, and customisation.


Innovative processes and new methods are the key to success in this sector.

icona Macchina

We study complete ad hoc solutions

With Cefla Finishing you can count on a turnkey solution.

It means that you will be accompanied from the beginning to the end of the production process. You will benefit from our consultancy to study specific methods and solutions for your productivity and flexibility needs. Receive support in choosing the most suitable inks and much more.

Our approach allows you to focus on the result you want. So we can advise you on the best technologies at each step of the process to guarantee that result.

The three Cefla Finishing processes

Our processes enhance the characteristics of ceramic slabs. We are constantly studying new methods that revolutionise the approach to the market. They share excellent quality, efficiency, adaptability and surprising colour rendering. Each of the three processes enables you to achieve a specific goal.

Low temperature

Offer maximum freedom of expression. Get extraordinary results with eco-friendly processes.

Nome Processo

High temperature

Make luxury accessible with custom-made coatings and precious vitrifiable inks.


Solid Colour

Reproduce any RAL colour and save money with an environmentally friendly process.

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