Roller coating

Uniform finish and maximum productivity.

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Low-temperature processing

Roller coating is used in low-temperature process lines. This technology enables the use of UV or water-based coatings that characterise processes without final firing.

Priming and Finishing Phase

This involves the processing steps that occur before and after digital printing: the primer/basecoat and the application of the protective topcoat.


Uniform finish

Roller coating enables a uniform finish to be achieved. This is obtained by using roller coaters with floating heads that evenly deposit the right amount of lacquer on the surface.


For the finishing stages, the use of the special Laser Roller allows up to 45 g/sqm of paint - both gloss and matt - to be applied in a single pass. This has a positive impact on productivity.


Thanks to the use of UV or water-based coatings, roller coating eliminates the need to pass through conventional firing ovens. It thus lowers energy costs and environmental impact.


Discover Cefla Finishing's roller coating solutions.

Smartcoater PRO

Flexibility and maximum control over processing. Enables coating of all types of materials with flat surfaces, including ceramics.

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