Spray coating

Flexibility, efficiency and a wide range of colours.

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Solid-colour finishes

Spray coating is used to create solid-colour finishes. The process allows for an extremely wide colour gamut compared to the standards of the ceramic market.


We have developed the widest range of spray coating machines and robots on the market. With spray coating technology we can meet every need: from the ceramic decorator who wants to produce small batches, to the large company looking for efficient solutions to produce industrial volumes.

Adhesion primers and finishing

For decorating solid-colour surfaces, spray painting technology alternates with drying in UV ovens. The first layer applied is the adhesion primer. Next, the paint is sprayed, which will give the ceramic surface exactly the desired colour, with amazing precision.



Spray coating technology allows significant savings in production and operating costs. It uses more economically sustainable lacquers while minimising waste, thanks to patented cleaning systems that recover and recycle excess paint. It reduces energy consumption because it does not require traditional firing ovens after spraying.

Efficiency and competitiveness

Only those who use the best technology can stand out in a market that demands quality, low prices and fast delivery. Cefla Finishing's spray coating technology uses software that ensures productivity, consistent quality and transfer efficiency to the workpiece.

Flexible colour change

The patented Just-in-Time system ensures extreme flexibility in colour change. You can produce just a few metres of a colour and then change it easily and without the need for machine downtime.

Spray booths

It is not enough to ensure the highest quality in production, it is also necessary to avoid damaged batches due to external factors such as dust and atomised particles. Spray coating is carried out in a pressurised environment that guarantees 'dust-free' application. Temperature and air flow remain constant, the finished product excellent.


Discover Cefla Finishing's spray coating solutions.


1-arm oscillating spray coating machine.


Switch from manual to automatic spray coating with an economical and reliable solution.


Oscillating spray coating machine with one or two arms.


The flexible and modular solution, perfect for small and medium production runs.


Easy-to-use, two-arm oscillating spray coating machine.


Combines high production capacity, maximum quality and ease of use.

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