Digital printing

Customisation, quality and consistent product yield.

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High-temperature processes

In high-temperature processes, digital printing is carried out with multi-pass printers. Up to 8 vitrifiable inks plus 3 precious colours can be used: gold, platinum and lustro, which remain unchanged even after firing.

Low-temperature processes

Low-temperature processes include multi-pass and single-pass digital printing solutions. UV inks are used, which are non-vitrifiable and photosensitive, and thus suitable for indoor environments. Low-temperature digital printing technology allows for gloss or matt finishes and relief effects.


Patented recirculation system

Our single-pass digital printing technology features a patented ink recirculation system. By periodically reversing the flows, sedimentation is avoided and the heads are kept at full efficiency.

Ultra-high productivity

Digital printing technology is designed to maximise production. To ensure short run times, the printers can operate at speeds of up to 50 linear metres per minute and 50 square metres per hour.

Reduced downtime

We have developed technology that automates maintenance and minimises downtime. For example, a dedicated process ensures the integrity of the conveyor and a micro-purge process prevents ink drying in the nozzles.


Discover Cefla Finishing's digital printing solutions.

J-Print SP

Single-pass digital printer.


A high-productivity solution: prints up to 50 linear metres per minute.

J-Print MP

Multi-pass digital printer.


Versatile and perfect for special printing applications and professional graphics.

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